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NRS-Online is a comprehensive media registration and intellectual property management service owned and operated by Sevik, Inc., a Seattle-based company. NRS-Online has been providing registration services since 1998, and is now a leader in private sector media registration.

A five (5) year subscription to NRS-Online is just twenty dollars ($20). Subscribe now...

NRS-Online provides individuals and companies a cost-effective method for time stamping and storing media for later authentication. Features include unlimited registrations, multi-user control panel and permanent storage.


Registration is a procedure whereby a registrar, such as NRS-Online, accepts an item from another entity, such as an individual or business, and then the registrar records the date and time the item was received (along with other information), and stores the item in a secure manner such that the item will be preserved for later authentication, if necessary.


Private sector registration was pioneered by the Writer's Guild of America and, later online, by the National Creative Registry (ProtectRite) as a way of assisting screenwriters protect their copyrights. In general, registration through a reputable registrar may be used for several purposes, including, but not limited to:
  • Assisting in establishing a claim to authorship or ownership of intellectual property (particularly copyrights).
  • Demonstrating possession of items or ideas at a certain date and time.
  • Establishing a not later than date for signed agreements and other important documents (physical and electronic), in order to fight allegations of forgery or document tampering.
  • Safeguarding documents with a neutral third-party.
Registration with a private entity, such as NRS-Online, ProtectRite or the Writer's Guild, is a good way of building a potential evidence trail that can support particular claims.

Registration occurs by depositing an item with NRS in a manner that allows NRS to perform the functions necessary for registration: 1) accept the item, 2) time stamp when the item was received, 3) store the item in a secure manner that preserves the item's integrity, and 4) record data pertaining to the registration event.

NRS-Online permits subscribers to deposit items for registration via four modes:
  • Electronically/Online:
    • Uploading a file via the Control Panel.
    • Sending an Electronic Mail with the Data to be registered.
    • Setting Daily URL Registration settings from within the Control Panel.
  • By facsimile.
  • By postal mail.
  • By scheduled drop-off at NRS or via an NRS agent.
Most NRS-Online registrations occur via the online Control Panel.

NRS-Online accepts numerous item types for registration, including but not necessarily limited to the following:
  • Particular physical documents such as, but not limited to, scripts, reports, books, notebooks, printed logs and other compilation printings, drawings and individual single sheets of paper (notes, receipts, invoices, etc.).
  • Electronic Files.
  • Storage media such as compact disks (CD), digital video disks (DVD), cassette tapes, VHS/BETA tapes, film, floppy diskettes, backup tapes and hard drives.
  • Photographs and negatives.
Contact NRS if you have a question concerning what may and may not be registered.
  • Containers of items - each item has to be separately registered, mass registration is not permitted.
    • For example, a firm may register one hundred (100) physical reports, but not as a single registration sent as a box containing one hundred (100) reports. Each report has to be registered separately with an accompanying registration form. (However, a single CD containing one hundred (100) reports is acceptable. In that case, the registered item is the CD.)

  • Domain names - NRS-Online is not a domain name registration service. To register domain names, please visit Sevik Domain Services.

  • Physical items not typically used to store intellectual property or information such as, but not limited to, furniture, non-recording mechanical, electro-mechanical or mechanical devices, clothing, tools, liquids, gasses, foods and natural products.
If you have questions regarding the NRS-Online service, please contact us.
A five (5) year subscription to the NRS-Online service is just twenty dollars ($20).
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