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Drake Analytics, Inc. ("Company") is a Seattle-based corporation that owns and operates the NRS-ONLINE.COM website (the "Website"). Sevik, Inc. is a registered trade name of Drake Analytics, Inc. This privacy policy ("Policy") restricts the rights of Company in its use of information collected from usage of the Website. Any entity that accesses the Website shall be considered a visitor ("Visitor").


By accessing the Website, Company will automatically log Visitor's Internet Protocol (IP) address and other browser-provided information (collectively, the "Information"). Company shall only use the Information for internal purposes, such as analyzing site usage and monitoring security.


Company shall not release the Information except when either i) Visitor gives permission to release the Information; or ii) a court with jurisdiction over Company orders Company to release the Information; or iii) Company is required to release the Information to protect its rights in a court or arbitration process, as determined by the best judgment of Company; or iv) when a law otherwise requires Company to release the Information.


The Website does not use cookies unless Visitor arrived at the Website via an affiliate link. In that case, a cookie may be set with the affiliate's ID. The cookie information will subsequently be used to assist in associating any subscription purchased by Visitor with the affiliate.


To contact Company regarding this policy, please use a contact method listed on the contact page.
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