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Permanent Storage

Permanent storage is standard with NRS-Online, and applies to all items at no additional cost. Permanent storage means that even after a subscription is terminated, registered items are not destroyed. Items are only destroyed if a client requests destruction.

Once an item is received, regardless of mode, the item (or a digital copy if registered online) is stored in a secure offline facility permanently. The item is never again handled until an authentication or other request is made by the subscriber.

With permanent storage, an expired subscription can be later renewed with previous registration data intact. There is no penalty for renewing after a subscription has expired, although the standard subscription price may have changed.


Permanent storage is not just a benefit, but a "best security practice." With permanent storage, there is a reduced chance of accidentally deleting, or otherwise affecting, registered media.

Without permanent storage, the database or depository of registered items would be accessed on a regular basis, and data routinely erased. Each access is a potential for error, and each deletion is a potential for accidental permanent loss.

Registered items are safer when permanent storage is the policy.
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