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Login Assistance

Please submit your Identity, typically your e-mail address, and then password reset instructions will be sent by electronic mail. If you do not know your identity then you must contact NRS.


NOTE: If you do not receive an e-mail in your Inbox, please check your Spam Box as your Spam Filter may have considered the e-mail to be Spam.

If you are having trouble receiving E-Mail from NRS then please contact NRS and ask for a manual reset of your password. After the manual reset, you may change your password after logging in. We apologize for any inconvenience. NOTE: The NRS ID is no longer used for logging into the Registry. A subscriber's identity is now their e-mail address. Users with passwords only on the old server will need to reset their password using the form above.

If you have an NRS ID, but no longer remember your e-mail address, then please contact support and request a manual password reset.
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