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Frequently Asked Questions

[Current Clients] Why didn't I receive a password reset link in e-mail ?

Check your SPAM Box. Your Spam Filter may have thought the e-mail was Spam because 1) the e-mail was sent by a cloud server; 2) you may not have ever received e-mail from the sender ; and 3) there is a URL link in the e-mail. These three characteristics tend to be associated with spam. If you continue to have problems, please contact support.

[Current Clients] Can I use my NRS ID for logging in ?

Not any more. The Registry software has been updated to use an e-mail address as your Identity rather than the NRS ID. You will need to reset your password if you do not have a password for the new Registry. All data that resided on the old Registry server has been migrated, and may be viewed in the new Registry.

[Current/Future Clients] What shows up on my credit card after subscribing ?

Depending on when you signed up, your billing statement will indicate a payment to either Drake Analytics, Inc. or Sevik, Inc.. Both are the same company. Sevik, Inc. is a registered trade name of Drake Analytics, Inc.

How can I subscribe without paying online ?

Subscription payments by postal mail or fax are permitted. Please review payment options for additional information.

Do I have to live in the USA to subscribe ?

Clients of NRS-Online live all over the world, and are citizens of many different countries. So, a client does not have to live in the USA to subscribe.

Do I need to register to create a copyright ?

Copyrights are automatically created when a work is produced, so registration is not required. Registration is for protecting a copyright, not creating a copyright. Visit the US Copyright Office for additional information, or contact legal counsel.

What is the difference between NRS-Online and Federal registration ?

Federal registration is for registering a copyright, while NRS-Online is for registering items. Registration with the U.S. Copyright Office provides additional statutory protections in copyright infringement situations, and should be considered for final works. NRS-Online is suitable for registering final works as well as the entire trail of evidence (drafts, notes, receipts, etc.) leading up to the final work. The U.S. Copyright Office requires payment (current fee schedule) for each copyright that is registered, while NRS charges on a subscription basis. NRS-Online, as well as any other private registration service, is a complement, and in certain circumstances an affordable alternative, to U.S. Copyright Office registration, but should not be considered a complete replacement.

Can NRS-Online provide legal counsel or assistance in copyright infringement cases

NRS-Online is not a law practice so it cannot provide legal counsel or representation. However, NRS-Online will provide authentication assistance, depositions and testimony for free or at cost, depending on the nature of the request. Consult our legal counsel links for assistance in locating counsel.

How do I know if an online registration was successful ?

After an online registration, the number of bytes received as well as the MD5 Digital Signature of the electronic file will be reported. This information should be the same as the original file. If you need assistance with computing an MD5 Signature, submit a support request.

Can I retrieve, update/change or destroy registered items ?

Once an item has been registered, it may not be updated or changed. However, clients may request that items be destroyed. Retrieval of an item may occur so long as any delivery costs are borne by the client. If an item is retrieved, the date/time of the removal will be logged in the registry. NRS-Online is not a storage service like Mozy, so registered files are not accessible, as they are moved to storage as soon as possible.

How large can electronic files be when registering by upload ?

The default limit is approximately 24 megabytes. However, this limit can be increased on a per-request basis. Most songs are a few megabytes in length, while video can be much larger.

Can I register titles and names ?

Names and titles cannot be copyrighted, and thus alone they cannot be registered per se. What can be registered are electronic files, or other media (such as a document), that contain the name or title. However, this does not generally provide protection against others using the name or title. Visit the US Copyright Office for additional information on what can have a copyright, or contact legal counsel.

Can I register domain names ?

NRS-Online is not a domain name registration service, so domain names cannot be registered through NRS-Online. However, domain names may be registered through Sevik Domain Services.

Where are registered items stored ?

Electronic items that were registered online are transferred offline, and stored on electronic media. In some cases, an electronic file may be kept both online and offline, depending on the registration options selected by the client. Backups of media containing registered items are maintained in a separate locations. Items that were faxed or postal mailed for registration are stored in secure storage facilities. Such facilities are located in the State of Washington. As of 2010, NRS-Online may also store backups of electronic files on Rackspace Cloud.

Are registered items kept confidential ?

Yes. Items registered with NRS-Online are not viewed unless a client requests an authentication. For additional security, clients should consider encrypting files prior to registration. Support is provided for users who need assistance using the freely available GNU Privacy Guard software.

Do I have to maintain an online registry ?

Clients do not have to maintain an online registry. Clients do not even have to maintain an online account. All registration and communications may take place by fax and/or postal mail. Note, that servicing clients offline may not be as expeditious as online servicing.

What personal information is stored online ?

Clients control what information is maintained online. A client's Control Panel typically contains owner location and contact information, but a client may choose not to include that information. .

Is free encryption/decryption software available?

Yes. Freely available software to encrypt and decrypt electronic files can be found at GNU PG (GNU Privacy Guard). Clients should submit a support request if they require assistance installing and using GNU PG implementations. Encryption is a good way to ensure that stored items remain confidential in the unlikely event of data theft or other security breach.
If you have questions regarding the NRS-Online service, please contact us.
A five (5) year subscription to the NRS-Online service is just twenty dollars ($20).
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