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Example Uses of Registration Services:

Screenwriters, Songwriters, Authors and other Artists use NRS to time stamp and store final works as well as preliminary works, notes and other data to ensure that they have a long and diverse trail of evidence showing that they were the original authors of the final work. Note, it is best to register notes, drafts and other supporting material as they are created, rather than all at once when the work is completed. Having an historical record of evidence can be strong proof of authorship if a dispute arises.

Programmers and Inventors use NRS to register source code and early work during development to establish an historical record of authorship so that ownership of the final product can be more easily demonstrated.

Businesses use NRS to protect intellectual property and manage liability by registering important documents, online website policies and various other media that may need to be later authenticated.

Corporations and others that must comply with recordkeeping regulations store records and logs, usually encrypted, with NRS for later retrieval and authentication to demonstrate compliance.

Property Managers use NRS to time stamp and store documents as well as copies of photographs with accompanying evidence that can be used later to help establish proof of conditions and/or tenant awareness of certain facts.

Individuals use NRS to register certain ideas or thoughts that they may want to later authenticate.

All client types use NRS to register important legal documents so that they won't be destroyed in a fire, stolen, or otherwise lost. Because NRS does not allow altering of registered documents, the original registered legal document may be later authenticated.

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