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While the use of the NRS-Online service is not complicated, some additional information is provided below. For more assistance, please enter a Support message from within the Control Panel, or contact NRS-Online.

Note: Due to ongoing updates, some display forms may appear different in the documentation than in your Control Panel. Document updates will also occur on an ongoing basis but typically lag functional updates. Also, please visit the Blog of Keith Richard Frederick (co-founder of NRS-Online) for ongoing posts about NRS-Online.
NRS-Online: Quick and Easy Registration

  1. First, you need a Category in which to associate the item to be registered. You may have as many items within a Category as you want. If you do not have any Categories in your system then do the following : In the NRS-Online Settings section, enter a Category Name and then click Add New Category.
  2. Now, register an item. Click the eRegister button, and then select a file to upload, or enter text to be registered. If you have a choice of Categories then choose the one you want for this item. Then click eRegister Item. Done - if the system responds with a success then you have just registered an item.
  3. To see and edit details regarding your registration, Click the Items button, then select the Category in which you associated the item, and then click the View Items button
  4. . All the items associated with the Category will be displayed - select the item that you just registered, and click View Item Details. Now, you can edit item information or delete the item.

Registration with NRS-Online is easy. NRS-Online is the only system with a comprehensive multi-user Control Panel for managing registered items.

  1. Logging into the Control Panel

    To log into your control panel, please ONLY do so by visiting a Sevik site such as: or DO NOT log in from any other website. DO NOT log in from a link provided in an e-mail message.

    If you do not remember your password, your password may be reset by using the form on the login help page. If you do not remember the e-mail associated with your account then you will need to contact NRS.

    There is a set limit on failed access attempts. If your computer or Identity is associated with more than this set limit then the system will not allow further attempts until four (4) hours have passed. This is to limit brute force methods of breaking into Accounts.

  2. Control Panel Main Menu
    Once in the Control Panel, there will be a Menu at the type of the screen that looks like:

    If you need Change your Password or you want to change your E-Mail/Identity, then click the My Settings button.

    To request support, click the Support. The Acct. Admin button is for accessing services such as: User Management and setting permissions, contact information, billing information and access permissions. Acct. Admin Module also provides access for handling renewals.

    New Panel will open a new window with another Control Panel. This enables you to work in two windows. Note, if you log out of one panel then the other panel will no longer function.

    To access a service, choose it from the drop-down list box, and then click the GO button.

    PLEASE LOGOUT when you are done. This is for security reasons, and improves system performance.

  3. My Settings
    This is the only section in which your password or e-mail/identity can be changed. Account Administrators do not have access to your User's Identity and password information. The following form is provided:


    Current Password:  
    New Password:  
    Verify New Password:    
    Please note the requirements for passwords:
    • At least SIX (6) characters in length.
    • At least one uppercase character.
    • At least one lowercase character.
    • At least one character that is either a number (0-9), or a special character like : or $.
    When changing a password, if the new password does not meet these requirements then it will be rejected, and the old password maintained.

    All E-Mail addresses must be unique. So, you cannot use one e-mail address in two separate Accounts.
  4. Using the Support Module

    If you require support, the fastest method is to enter a message into the Support module. It does not matter which Topic or Subject you use, NRS will be notified of the new message. Responses are typically initiated within business hours, and almost always within twenty-four (24) hours.

    The Support Module allows organizing support discussions by Topic and Subject. Topics and Subjects may also have permission requirements. If a Topic is deleted then all Subjects associated with it will no longer be accessible. Likewise, if a Subject is deleted then the entire message thread associated with the Subject will not be accessible.

    By default, an Account will have two Topics created: General and NRS-Online. Clients can create Subjects and add messages as necessary.

    If you wish to be Notified by e-mail when NRS responds to a message, please click the Notify checkbox for your Identity (or any other Identity that wishes notification) in the Users module's users list.

    When first entering the Support Module, the following form is displayed:
      Topic Name:   Level:  
      Topic Last Message Last Message By  
      General No Messages yet No Messages yet  
      NRS-Online No Messages yet No Messages yet  

    Add New Topic: If you wish to organize support messages under a Topic other than General and NRS-Online then use this option. Simply enter a Topic Name, which can be anything at least two characters in length. The Level indicates the minimum level, as set in the User's Module, that a User must have to access the Topic. The name and permission level can be changed later.

    View Subjects: This will show a list of all message threads associated with this Topic.

    Edit Topic: This provides access to a form for editing the Topic Name and its permission settings. You may also delete the topic. Note: Deleting a topic will remove all Subjects and their associated message threads form the Control Panel.

    If you accidently delete a Subject, contact NRS to request restoration of a backup. Your data is likely still available if you make a request promptly.

    STARTING A NEW SUPPORT REQUEST: To submit a support request, please follow these steps:
    1. Access the Support Module
    2. Select the View Subjects button for the Topic in which you want to place your support request. It does not matter if you do not select the most appropraite topic, the message will still be handled. If your Control Panel does not have any Topics then you will need to Add a New Topic as explained above.
    3. After selecting a Topic, either: 1) Add New Subject, or 2) View Messages.

      If your request is related to a Subject that already exists then choose View Messages, and then add your support request as a new message. If your request is brand new, then enter a Subject and click Add New Subject.

    4. If you selected Add New Subject above, then you will also need to add the message that contains your support request.
    5. Once your new message has been added to a subject then NRS-Online will be notified, and NRS-Online will respond promptly. If you have the Notify option checked int your User Settings then when there is a response, you will be notified by electronic mail.
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